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Feel Like You’re Working To Hard And Paying To Much Tax?

Give me a couple of mins and I’ll show you how you can keep more of your money instead of giving it to the Government.

Break The Shackles of Your Working Life By Paying Less Tax And Start Enjoying More Of Life Or Paying Down Your Debt

Do you feel like each time you see your paycheck you wonder how could you be paying so much tax? You work long hours, you do the right thing, but you never seem to be able to get ahead. You can actually pay less tax. You can transform your lifestyle and future.

If your situation is anything like the above then you are just like many new clients that start with us here at Mainstay Advisors. We have helped many people just like you get more from their work, giving them more opportunities to do more or pay down their debt faster.

How Do You Know If You’re Taking Advantage Of Every Single Tax Deduction Legally Possible?

In almost 30 years I am yet to see a tax return where I can’t save money. No matter if have been using an accountant or if you have been doing your own taxes. I guarantee you we will be able to save you money.

We have built a simple process that has been improved over the course of 30 years that gets our clients the best tax returns possible. Combine this process with our years of experience and you will get a better tax return than you would probably anywhere else.

No Matter If You Have A Basic Salary & Wage Return Or Complex Return Containing Property Rentals, Shares & Dividends Or You’re A Sole Trader We Have You Covered

Tax returns can be simple and can get quite complex. The more complex your tax return, the more compliance regulations you have to worry about. The ATO have models on what every situation should look like from a tax return point of view. If you fall out of this model expect a knock on the door from the ATO.

However, the more complex your tax return the more you might be able to save. If you have rental properties or other investments there will be ways to take advantage to lower the amount of tax you pay.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What You’ll Discover In Your FREE Personal Tax Strategy Session…

  • If you have been compliant with your previous tax returns and what you need to fix if you haven’t been compliant.
  • How the ATO looks you and if you should be expecting a knock on the door from the ATO.
  • 5 common tax deductions people who do their own taxes almost always miss.
  • Ways to slash the amount of tax you owe if you have investments of any sort.